Osirix Update

Thanks to this latest release of Osirix, I have been contemplating getting a new computer.  Osirix is a wonderfully free DICOM viewer with a ton of capability.  I am more than impressed with this software and more than likely to continue using this software.  The problem is that my three year old computer just doesn’t feel like it’s cutting it any more.  Still, I am going to play it smart and wait a bit for the next update from Apple and also to be involved with the residency.  In the mean time, I am in love with Osirix’s latest update.  With curved MPR capability this is now almost on par with Sidexis XG with one big exception.  No implant planning capabilities.  Still beyond that I would be willing to put this software against any radiology software on the market.  It is loaded with features and the price just can’t be beat.

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