2018 Update

Per a request from Dr E to update my status. No real changes since last year. In fact, I probably can copy and paste the previous update post and it would be true. To keep it similar I’m keeping the same headers. What’s the lifestyle like? Fantastic. Even busier than last year but I’m still… Continue reading 2018 Update

CBCT Liability

It has come to my attention, from several colleagues and general dentists, that CBCT sales reps are telling dentists that if they have the patient sign a form stating that the dentist is only looking at dental structures then they are not responsible for the whole scan.  This information is absolutely WRONG. The truth of… Continue reading CBCT Liability

And Done…

I am officially done with all my finals and exams for first year. It was an adventure and I have to say I have never really truly felt “down” about any of it. For the summer I will be swimming in reports and conebeam CT scans. I am absolutely excited about the experience, it’s really… Continue reading And Done…

Finally Arrived

So I finally made it to my destination.  Tomorrow I’m going in to fill out some paperwork for my employment by the school.  A couple of days after that will be orientation.  Then I’m going back home for a long weekend with the family before I finally start the actual program.  This is very exciting.… Continue reading Finally Arrived

Less Than Two Weeks to Go

I’m starting to get anxious regarding getting started.  I’m ready to go.  It is an odd feeling prior to starting a program.  The same feeling I suppose I had before dental school started.  This time, however, I don’t think I’m going to have a dream the night before about losing my lower incisor.  I probably… Continue reading Less Than Two Weeks to Go

Technology in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

This video is well worth watching.  It discusses how technology is changing radiology and medicine all together.  The bit about radiology I find most interesting, especially since it demonstrates what is possible in oral and maxillofacial radiology  In dentistry, the time is now for sure huge changes in imaging and diagnosing.  With the CAMBRA movement… Continue reading Technology in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

All Moved In

Yesterday I made the move to the city where my residency is.  A very tiring move and I’m glad I’m done with it.  Next time I am simply going to hire movers, it will actually be cheaper to do it this way.  The cost of renting a truck is baffling to me.  Now I still… Continue reading All Moved In

Last Week of Work

Being a general dentist was fun and this week will mark the end of it for me. At least for a while and hopefully forever. It is a somewhat sad and somewhat happy transition. This is a huge change, from going from a mainly surgical type of practice to a completely non-surgical practice. Many questions… Continue reading Last Week of Work