2018 Update

Per a request from Dr E to update my status.

No real changes since last year. In fact, I probably can copy and paste the previous update post and it would be true. To keep it similar I’m keeping the same headers.

What’s the lifestyle like?

Fantastic. Even busier than last year but I’m still relaxed and I am still disciplined in splitting my work time from my home time.


Are you busy enough to work full time?

I’m so busy that I am no longer accepting new clients. That hasn’t changed since last year.


How much money are you making?

Still none of your business 😉


Was it worth it? 

Absolutely. The best thing I have done.


What’s the next step?

I am very happy with my current status. To be honest I think I am going to keep things status quo for the foreseeable future. Why change what makes you happy?