My 2017 Update

Per a request from Gary to update my status.

Not a huge amount has changed. My practice is still radiology full time and seeing patients one day a week. I would like to split this post into sections of questions I get most commonly. These are not in any particular order.


What’s the lifestyle like?

It’s amazing. I can take breaks whenever I want but I have to have the discipline to work as well. Most of my days are spent in a relaxed setting called home. Not sure that you can beat that. The only down side is what I have discussed in previous posts. Your work is always there. I have learned to shut my work part of my life at a specific point and that’s it. No calls, no reports, nothing.


Are you busy enough to work full time?

I’m so busy that I am no longer accepting new clients. The private practice case load is way beyond my expectations. Physically I think I am at my limit. In other words, things are going really good.


How much money are you making?

None of your business 😉


Was it worth it? 

Absolutely. The best thing I have done.


What’s the next step?

I’m pretty happy where I am right now, financially and job satisfaction.