2020 Update

Per a request from Greg to update my status. What’s the lifestyle like? Still fantastic. I have been busier than the past two years. I think I have finally met my cap on how much work I can do in a day. Are you busy enough to work full time? I am much busier. In… Continue reading 2020 Update

My 2017 Update

Per a request from Gary to update my status. Not a huge amount has changed. My practice is still radiology full time and seeing patients one day a week. I would like to split this post into sections of questions I get most commonly. These are not in any particular order.   What’s the lifestyle… Continue reading My 2017 Update

A Year Later

To update everyone on where I am. It’s been a year since getting my board certification and over two years since I started practicing (outside of residency). Easy to say, I love what I do. The lifestyle can’t be beaten. Really. In fact, there is nothing like being in total control of your own schedule.… Continue reading A Year Later

Post Boards

I’m finally past the boards and what a great feeling it is.  Now all that is left is to play the waiting game.  The only feeling I get is that I wish I would have reviewed my anatomy more.  It was obvious to me that I haven’t gone over that stuff. The exam itself: I… Continue reading Post Boards

Boards Round 2

It is that time again.  The boards are less than two months away and it is time for me to start getting nervous.  It is also time to slow down everything going on in my life and concentrate on that task ahead.  The boards are the last step in my career.  I am looking forward… Continue reading Boards Round 2

OsiriX Dental Plugin

If you are a Mac user and an OMR then you’ve probably tried to use OsiriX before to look at CBCT scans.  You’ve also probably noticed that it is missing some basic features that are really necessary for OMR and the dental field all together.  I’m pleased to find a new plugin has emerged for OsiriX that… Continue reading OsiriX Dental Plugin