New OMR Program

A new oral and maxillofacial radiology program has just been announced at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine. The program will begin July 1st, 2017. What does this mean? Typically this means that the school sees an increased demand for the field. If my personal experience hasn’t been convincing enough… this is basically a good sign.… Continue reading New OMR Program

OsiriX Dental Plugin

If you are a Mac user and an OMR then you’ve probably tried to use OsiriX before to look at CBCT scans.  You’ve also probably noticed that it is missing some basic features that are really necessary for OMR and the dental field all together.  I’m pleased to find a new plugin has emerged for OsiriX that… Continue reading OsiriX Dental Plugin

University of Florida Taking Applicants

The new oral and maxillofacial radiology residency program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry has started accepting applications. For more information, please follow the link below:

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AAOMR Sessions and Healthy Radiation

So far I have learned some very interesting information at the AAOMR conference in Chicago.  I am absolutely enjoying my time here, even though I should be studying for some finals that I have coming up next week.  A couple of very interesting things I have learned.   First, I love Chicago as much as… Continue reading AAOMR Sessions and Healthy Radiation

Three New OMFR Programs

One program at UMDNJ has already started and over the next year, one at UCLA and the third at the University of Washington will open up.  This bodes very well for the profession as a whole.  It means demand is increasing and schools are becoming interested in providing coursework.  In addition, I heard that Baylor… Continue reading Three New OMFR Programs

Latest OsiriX Version Available

Osirix was just updated to work with OS X Lion.  This is my favorite DICOM viewer and has always been pretty impressive.  Only thing is it needs the interface to be updated and unified a bit more.  It’s a bit all over the place.

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Is General Radiology Over?

I found an interesting article discussing whether general radiology is needed anymore or are the subspecialties taking over.  I would imagine that just as with any health practice, eventually it becomes more specialized and more diversified as knowledge increases.  It used to be that doctors did everything, now there are many specialties in medicine.  The… Continue reading Is General Radiology Over?

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