Category: During Residency

  • Almost There…

    So last time I posted, I had a checklist. Finish my Master’s thesis… almost there. Complete Part 2 of the radiology boards, hopefully this time next year I will have my diplomate status with AAOMR. Find work.  This is where things get tough.  As it is right now, there are simply no opportunities out there […]

  • Getting Close to the End

    So sometime within the next few months I will be wrapping up my residency all together and what a ride has it been.  There are really three major steps left in my career as a radiologist. Finish my Master’s thesis… almost there. Complete Part 2 of the radiology boards, hopefully this time next year I […]

  • Part 1 Boards

    I passed, and what a relief it is.  To find out also on New Year’s Eve! Coincidence?  Does it really take three months to grade an exam?  In any case step 1 is done.  In a few months I will prepare for the second half and hopefully report some good news there as well.  In […]

  • Board Certification: Part 1

    In three days I will be in the middle of the first part of the ABOMR examination.  It allows me to become a board certified (as opposed to just certified) oral and maxillofacial radiologist.  To become board certified, the examination is really split into two parts.  First part is the written examination, which covers radiation […]

  • Officially a Third Year Resident

    Looks like it is official, I am now in my third year of my radiology residency.  What have I learned so far? I am much more capable of diagnosing now than I ever was before.  Radiology has given me the confidence to be able to look at radiographs and also correlate my clinical findings to […]

  • Finishing Up the Semester

    As the year comes down to a close, it’s looking more and more relaxing. After a very busy two years, now is the time where the boards and finalizing my thesis become priority. I have finally finished all coursework required. Residency is a bit of an interesting thing. First of all, it is much more […]

  • Second Year and Personal Statements

    As the new year begins I feel that it is time to update this blog, even if it is a small update.  These days things are getting very very busy.  With juggling clinic, reports, undergraduate students and classes things are getting a bit busy.  This year the concentration is on a couple of subjects and […]

  • Beginning of Second Year

    Just to update everyone as to what’s been happening.  Basically the past month or so have been just pure clinic and reports.  I’m ready for the next challenge and the next semester.  During this year there will be three things to concentrate on, a couple of tough classes, board preparation and the third being my […]

  • Oh Anatomy…

    In the next couple of weeks I have a head and neck anatomy exam coming up.  I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about it.  As always I am amazed by the number of different structures that are in the body.  I am doubly impressed by how many structures are in the head […]

  • Such a Better Semester

    Now that I’m just over a month into this second semester of radiology, I have to say, I am glad I am here.  I always was glad, but now things are relevant, interesting, you can place any good adjective you would like here.  It really is a great lifestyle and contradictory to what most people […]