Almost There…

So last time I posted, I had a checklist.

  1. Finish my Master’s thesis… almost there.
  2. Complete Part 2 of the radiology boards, hopefully this time next year I will have my diplomate status with AAOMR.
  3. Find work.  This is where things get tough.  As it is right now, there are simply no opportunities out there right now.  Believe me, I have looked.

Here is an update of the checklist…

  1. Check… and what an amazing feeling it is.  Honestly, best feeling in the world is making your master’s thesis presentation and everything going well and smooth.  I am happy here and for me it is simply a matter of graduation.
  2. Part 2 is still pending… obviously I can’t do much about this until the boards actually come up.  Till then; I wait.
  3. Check (kind of).  Is it enough work to replace general dentistry for me?  Not even close… I was/am wildly successful as a general dentist.  Even for a minimal dental salary it doesn’t come close.  Is it a nice thing to have as a part time gig… possibly an hour a day after work?  I think so.  I love radiology, always have and I think for me the learning experience is more than enough.  At this point will it replace my need to practice dentistry?  No way, but maybe 5 years down the line we can see some huge successes and I can finally reach my goal of being a full time radiologist.

For now, these are the updates that I have.  I’m hoping to provide more relevant information for the private sector as time progresses. For now if you want any specific topic covered, feel free to make comment. I hope people continue to find the blog useful and really get an idea what radiology is like right now.



  1. Hello there….if Canada’s not out of the question for you, perhaps you should consider giving us a call.

    We’re looking for competent full-time radiologists to join our growing team. Please send us your contact info and we’ll get in touch.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Best regards,
    The Canaray Team

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