Getting Close to the End

So sometime within the next few months I will be wrapping up my residency all together and what a ride has it been.  There are really three major steps left in my career as a radiologist.

  1. Finish my Master’s thesis… almost there.
  2. Complete Part 2 of the radiology boards, hopefully this time next year I will have my diplomate status with AAOMR.
  3. Find work.  This is where things get tough.  As it is right now, there are simply no opportunities out there right now.  Believe me, I have looked.

In the mean time I am already talking with several dental practices to start working once I graduate.  Not exactly excited about going back to dentistry but unfortunately it is a necessary step.


  1. I enjoyed reading this blog and all of your thoughts about OMR. At this moment are you still looking for only private practice jobs, or are you also considering academia? Would definitely like to hear your perspective on academic careers!

  2. Thank you. So right now I’m looking strictly for a private practice position. I’m not really interested in pursuing the academic route. To be honest I’m not sure that much is available in that direction either.

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