Finishing Up the Semester

As the year comes down to a close, it’s looking more and more relaxing. After a very busy two years, now is the time where the boards and finalizing my thesis become priority. I have finally finished all coursework required. Residency is a bit of an interesting thing. First of all, it is much more enjoyable than dental school ever was. This is work basically; and you do it to such a meticulous degree that truly differentiates you from a general practitioner. It has given me a new perspective all together, since I have practiced in general dentistry and in specialty. I can see why sometimes, there is a large disconnect between both types of practitioners. This is of a course a whole different topic. Second, residency means back in school again. This means a coarse load, homework, exams, etc… This is of course the last thing I thought I would ever do when I graduated dental school. Combine the two and you basically have a whole lot of work. No real breaks and when things start to draw to an end a feeling of satisfaction that is unmatched by anything else you have done. At least this is the case for me.

One more year to go to finish up my master’s thesis and the first part of ABOMR. After that, well I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do. I do know that I’m hoping to practice radiology from home, if I can find a job. Like I mentioned in previous posts, the market has changed and right this second things are looking grim. In the mean time, I am keeping my hopes up about the future. Demand is obviously increasing for CBCT reports, this is pretty obvious. Problem is, so are the number of radiologists and the number of dentists who complain about the cost of a report. Hopefully market dynamics will work themselves out over the next year or two and who knows… Maybe I will be able to make a full time career out of radiology after all.