Such a Better Semester

Now that I’m just over a month into this second semester of radiology, I have to say, I am glad I am here.  I always was glad, but now things are relevant, interesting, you can place any good adjective you would like here.  It really is a great lifestyle and contradictory to what most people might believe, this is way more interesting than any general dentistry ever was to me.  Yes I was good at it and yes I made a great living, but I am actually happy here.  The cases are interesting, complicated, and all of them are a puzzle to me.  Maybe it’s because I’m still new to the whole field, and I’m running across things I have not seen before.  Still, I feel right at home being involved in radiology.

I also have to be thankful that I am in the program that I currently am in now.  I’m treated with great respect, the faculty is second to none, the clinical experience is excellent and I honestly do not feel I am lacking much here.  In fact, I am confident that by the time I graduate I will be proficient enough to pursue private practice.  I also realize that I do love to teach.  I enjoy the one to one interaction and enjoy being able to explain things to students. I think an academic career might be in the works for me.  It really depends on the financial situation but I have always wanted to go back and teach, even if just part time.  Several faculty have pointed to my interactions with other students/residents and they have all agreed that I could be an effective instructor.

For those who send me questions and read the blog regularly, I have to say, this is one of the best decisions of my life.  I was nervous before starting (leaving a great office, a great staff, a great job and lots of money) but now that I am here, I can’t imagine having done anything else.