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  • Board Certification: Part 1

    In three days I will be in the middle of the first part of the ABOMR examination.  It allows me to become a board certified (as opposed to just certified) oral and maxillofacial radiologist.  To become board certified, the examination is really split into two parts.  First part is the written examination, which covers radiation […]

  • Dental MRI

    If you couldn’t tell from my last post on SWIFT MRI.  I am a huge fan of new and upcoming technology in dental imaging.  The latest paper I found discusses creating an occlusal coil that patients bite into to visualize teeth.  Here is the kicker… it works.  It is not amazing, but I do believe that […]

  • New ADA Codes

    As of July 1st, a new set of ADA codes were released for CBCT scans and interpretation.  I believe these codes more accurately reflect the real word oral and maxillofacial radiology practice and provide a step in the right direction for imaging centers or private dental practices.  The codes also account for proper interpretation of […]

  • Beginning of Second Year

    Just to update everyone as to what’s been happening.  Basically the past month or so have been just pure clinic and reports.  I’m ready for the next challenge and the next semester.  During this year there will be three things to concentrate on, a couple of tough classes, board preparation and the third being my […]

  • Oh Anatomy…

    In the next couple of weeks I have a head and neck anatomy exam coming up.  I have to admit, I am a bit nervous about it.  As always I am amazed by the number of different structures that are in the body.  I am doubly impressed by how many structures are in the head […]

  • Such a Better Semester

    Now that I’m just over a month into this second semester of radiology, I have to say, I am glad I am here.  I always was glad, but now things are relevant, interesting, you can place any good adjective you would like here.  It really is a great lifestyle and contradictory to what most people […]

  • New Year New Semester

    I have had a great two weeks off.  I am really excited about what is coming next semester.  This is the point where things get interesting.  I get to finally start taking CT scans as well as start reading and interpreting.  I’m more excited about the reading and interpreting part.  One of my weakest points […]

  • AAOMR Sessions and Healthy Radiation

    So far I have learned some very interesting information at the AAOMR conference in Chicago.  I am absolutely enjoying my time here, even though I should be studying for some finals that I have coming up next week.  A couple of very interesting things I have learned.   First, I love Chicago as much as […]

  • Almost There

    Done with my statistics class, now just a few more exams and I am done with this semester. Very excited about next semester. We will be starting to write reports and actually being involved in the field. Currently I am learning a ton of stuff and making the best of it. Soon I will be […]

  • Past Midterms

    It has been a stressful couple of weeks, but I’m finally past the midterms.  Finals will be here sooner than later since there isn’t that much of the semester left.  This weekend will be strictly relaxation (with some casual material review of course).  The way I feel about it right now, I’m a couple of […]