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  • New ADA Codes

    As of July 1st, a new set of ADA codes were released for CBCT scans and interpretation.  I believe these codes more accurately reflect the real word oral and maxillofacial radiology practice and provide a step in the right direction for imaging centers or private dental practices.  The codes also account for proper interpretation of […]

  • New Year New Semester

    I have had a great two weeks off.  I am really excited about what is coming next semester.  This is the point where things get interesting.  I get to finally start taking CT scans as well as start reading and interpreting.  I’m more excited about the reading and interpreting part.  One of my weakest points […]

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Salaries

    So in doing a whole lot of research into this, turns out there really isn’t a very accurate salary range to go by.  It seems to me that most oral and maxillofacial (head and neck) radiologists do a combination of part time teaching and part time private practice.  Part time teaching doesn’t really earn that […]