New OMR Program

A new oral and maxillofacial radiology program has just been announced at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine. The program will begin July 1st, 2017. What does this mean? Typically this means that the school sees an increased demand for the field. If my personal experience hasn’t been convincing enough… this is basically a good sign.… Continue reading New OMR Program

Beginning of Second Year

Just to update everyone as to what’s been happening.  Basically the past month or so have been just pure clinic and reports.  I’m ready for the next challenge and the next semester.  During this year there will be three things to concentrate on, a couple of tough classes, board preparation and the third being my… Continue reading Beginning of Second Year

New Year New Semester

I have had a great two weeks off.  I am really excited about what is coming next semester.  This is the point where things get interesting.  I get to finally start taking CT scans as well as start reading and interpreting.  I’m more excited about the reading and interpreting part.  One of my weakest points… Continue reading New Year New Semester

Past Midterms

It has been a stressful couple of weeks, but I’m finally past the midterms.  Finals will be here sooner than later since there isn’t that much of the semester left.  This weekend will be strictly relaxation (with some casual material review of course).  The way I feel about it right now, I’m a couple of… Continue reading Past Midterms

Gaining Traction

Classes are quickly starting to build up over each other.  The momentum of the semester is gaining, and as any physicist would tell you, the momentum is accelerating.  Multiply that out and you have Force, which is measured in Newtons. Anyway, the semester is essentially jumping from one class to the next and all of… Continue reading Gaining Traction

Pathology, Physics, Biostatistics and What?… There’s more?

This semester is quickly starting to gain traction.  Between all of these classes I have a feeling I will start pulling out my own hair.  That being said, I am truly enjoying the residency and the learning experience. Honestly, there is so much involvement in radiology I am surprised that the dental model hasn’t been… Continue reading Pathology, Physics, Biostatistics and What?… There’s more?

Three New OMFR Programs

One program at UMDNJ has already started and over the next year, one at UCLA and the third at the University of Washington will open up.  This bodes very well for the profession as a whole.  It means demand is increasing and schools are becoming interested in providing coursework.  In addition, I heard that Baylor… Continue reading Three New OMFR Programs