Beginning of Second Year

Just to update everyone as to what’s been happening.  Basically the past month or so have been just pure clinic and reports.  I’m ready for the next challenge and the next semester.  During this year there will be three things to concentrate on, a couple of tough classes, board preparation and the third being my masters thesis.  I will concentrate on my thesis and my classes the most during the first semester and then the boards I will begin covering a couple of months prior to the exam.  This is pretty much it for the year to get me going to the next level.  Once I’m past these three things, the rest is straight forward clinical practice.

About the boards.  It is a two part exam, first part I take six months prior to graduating and the second part I take six months after graduating.  I guess that makes the boards more of a third year priority rather than a second year priority.  In any case, I will be back in the groove starting Monday and then the next week the new first year residents begin the program.  I can just see them have the exact same complaints that our year, the year before and such have.  In the end it’s a process that we all have to go through, but now that I’m a second year I believe I’m going to be able to enjoy the residency even more then before.  It is time for me to absorb more and more radiology and not have to worry about basic classes like I had during the first year.  I am excited.