Beginning of Second Year

Just to update everyone as to what’s been happening.  Basically the past month or so have been just pure clinic and reports.  I’m ready for the next challenge and the next semester.  During this year there will be three things to concentrate on, a couple of tough classes, board preparation and the third being my… Continue reading Beginning of Second Year

AAOMR Sessions and Healthy Radiation

So far I have learned some very interesting information at the AAOMR conference in Chicago.  I am absolutely enjoying my time here, even though I should be studying for some finals that I have coming up next week.  A couple of very interesting things I have learned.   First, I love Chicago as much as… Continue reading AAOMR Sessions and Healthy Radiation

Three New OMFR Programs

One program at UMDNJ has already started and over the next year, one at UCLA and the third at the University of Washington will open up.  This bodes very well for the profession as a whole.  It means demand is increasing and schools are becoming interested in providing coursework.  In addition, I heard that Baylor… Continue reading Three New OMFR Programs

Learning to Write

Part of my coursework is a class that discusses research methodology.  Essentially, it is the art of writing research papers and conducting research.  I have learned how to apply for grants, come up with a thesis and design a study.  Interesting, even if ultimately research will not be my area of interest.  At least I… Continue reading Learning to Write

New Study on SWIFT MRI

The Journal of Endodontics has published a new study on SWIFT MRI by which the authors compare several modalities of imaging, including cone beam CT, to the technique as it’s being developed.  It looks very promising and is quickly becoming my favorite future technology in dentistry.  The fact that it removes ionizing radiation from the… Continue reading New Study on SWIFT MRI