AAOMR Sessions and Healthy Radiation

So far I have learned some very interesting information at the AAOMR conference in Chicago.  I am absolutely enjoying my time here, even though I should be studying for some finals that I have coming up next week.  A couple of very interesting things I have learned.   First, I love Chicago as much as I loved Chicago the last time I came here.  About a decade ago.  Second, the most interesting study that I have heard today comes from Dr Preece who states that low dose radiation (such as used by dental x-ray machines) might actually prevent cancer than cause it.

Obviously this was mind boggling.  According to Dr Preece, low dose radiation causes the activation of what he called low dose radiation activated natural protection.  Essentially the body’s own protection mechanisms are activated which help suppress cancer.  In any case, it goes against everything I have ever learned about radiation.  For that reason, I find it to be the most exciting new research that came out.