Three New OMFR Programs

One program at UMDNJ has already started and over the next year, one at UCLA and the third at the University of Washington will open up.  This bodes very well for the profession as a whole.  It means demand is increasing and schools are becoming interested in providing coursework.  In addition, I heard that Baylor College of Dentistry will soon be interested in providing their own accredited program in oral and maxillofacial radiology.  No official word on it yet, however.


  1. Hello! I’m super excited to see this site, I’ve recently decided to look into this specialty as well, so I’ll probably shooting you questions over the next few months. Congrats on starting your residency!

  2. Ask away! So far I’m really enjoying it. I don’t know where the profession is headed but the knowledge and the way of thinking is well worth it alone.

  3. my friends interested this three programs we are searching for Baylor College of Dentistry also thank you for given information i will back thank you once ..bye

  4. hello…am a nigerian dentist interested in an oral radiology residency program…but this is not offered in nigeria. can u enlighten me on how i can get placement in an oral radiology residency program in us. Ur writeup has beenwonderful. thank you

  5. Hello,

    I’m not really an expert on the application process. The best way is to simply contact the program director for each program, you can find a list of them at I would imagine you would have to show a real interest in radiology and also have some experience as a dentist. Beyond that each program has their own requirements which I cannot answer for you.

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