Second Year and Personal Statements

As the new year begins I feel that it is time to update this blog, even if it is a small update.  These days things are getting very very busy.  With juggling clinic, reports, undergraduate students and classes things are getting a bit busy.  This year the concentration is on a couple of subjects and research as well as board preparation.  Next year will almost entirely, if everything goes as planned, concentrate on board preparation.  If not, then research as well but I’m hoping to complete all of that before the end of my second year.

On another note, I have been seeing a lot of interest in this blog.  Site hits have gone up significantly, which is no surprise considering there is absolutely no information on oral radiology out there.  I hope that this website is somewhat helpful.  I have gotten a few emails and some requests for me to look at personal statements, and while I love to help, I have decided it to make it my policy that I will not read any more personal statements.  I am definitely no admissions expert.  I try to answer every question on the comments sections and I hope to keep things at that level.  So if you have something to ask, great! I am more than happy to help.