Tag: residency

  • Physics. Why oh why?

    As I’m ending my first small summer semester I am coming to the realization that I will soon have a physics exam.  I have to say, not at all looking forward to it.  This is the one class that is truly tough this semester.  Fall semester is coming up and that is going to be […]

  • Learning to Write

    Part of my coursework is a class that discusses research methodology.  Essentially, it is the art of writing research papers and conducting research.  I have learned how to apply for grants, come up with a thesis and design a study.  Interesting, even if ultimately research will not be my area of interest.  At least I […]

  • A Few Weeks In

    So far so good.  Some hiccups here and there.  I’m still trying to get used to being back in school.  I also find it is interesting to be faculty for predoctoral students.  In any case, it has been a light schedule so far, being a summer semester.  Last week of August, however, I start Fall […]

  • First Week

    I just completed the first week.  Very straight forward, still had a few orientation things that had to be completed.  The good news though is that I have started a couple of my classes.  One that absolutely matters and another that matters until I get my research completed.  As with any programs, you will take […]