First Week

I just completed the first week.  Very straight forward, still had a few orientation things that had to be completed.  The good news though is that I have started a couple of my classes.  One that absolutely matters and another that matters until I get my research completed.  As with any programs, you will take a number of classes that might not apply to you, but are still essential nonetheless.  From what I can tell, it is going to be a very difficult year, especially next semester.  I am looking forward to meeting the challenge.  Once I get past this point, from my understanding, things are downhill.  All learning is specific to radiology, and so the last two and a half years I spend in the program I will be solely dedicated to radiology.  This is something I expect and honestly I am very excited about.  Part of the reason I feel that this is a high quality program is that, while multi-disciplinary, all disciplines are learned through the thinking of a radiologist.  Meaning I will be able to apply what I learn here to private practice in oral and maxillofacial radiology (my main interest).

On another note, it is very odd going from a job back to school.  More than anything, I miss having an income.  This is one source of stress that I expect but still would rather not have to deal with.  I probably will have to find a job as I go through the rest of this program, but for right now, I am simply trying to get my feet wet.  The other major difference is having homework assignments.  When I was practicing dentistry it was simple, go to work, do what you need to do and when you go home, you are done.  This is very different the student life.  Enjoyable, but different.

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