So finally went through orientation.  As with any orientation I have been to, this was long and a bit drawn out but necessary.  I’m glad it was done in a single day and not split up.  That being said, I have my parking pass, my student ID and now ready to start.  As with any program, you always begin unsure of where you will be and what will happen.  But as you get used to the school and the system and the department, things clear up.  At that point I assume that I will be more than comfortable and be able to concentrate on what I need to do.


  1. Doc,

    I really appreciate you taking the time to blog about OMFR. There simply aren’t any resources on the web to explore this new and exciting field! I will be closely monitoring your progress over the next few years.



  2. Thanks Steven,

    Could not find anything at all on OMFR. Drove me absolutely nuts, it’s the entire reason I decided to start this site. Hopefully to provide some real info.

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