Physics. Why oh why?

As I’m ending my first small summer semester I am coming to the realization that I will soon have a physics exam.  I have to say, not at all looking forward to it.  This is the one class that is truly tough this semester.  Fall semester is coming up and that is going to be full of things like Physics, Biostatistics, Radiobiology and whole slew of classes like that.  From what I’m hearing, this coming semester is going to be a killer.  Basically for the next four months I will simply disappear off the face of the earth.  To be honest I’m looking forward to starting next semester, but more than anything, I’m looking forward to being done with it.  My understanding is that once this semester is behind me, things get easier and more interesting.  They start tying together into oral and maxillofacial radiology and you start looking at cases.  This is a big deal for me.

So far I’m really enjoying the program, even the challenging classes.  I still get excited every time I walk into the radiology room.  Not sure what it is about the profession but I do find it extremely interesting.


  1. What were typical hours during residency. Did you pull call over night at hospitals?

  2. Officially the hours were 8-5. If I got my work done early it was OK leave early. Every residency will be different about that. I was still practicing while in residency, so I had time for that.

    There was never an overnight call. Radiology in dentistry has lots of advantages to radiology in medicine.

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