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If you are a Mac user and an OMR then you’ve probably tried to use OsiriX before to look at CBCT scans.  You’ve also probably noticed that it is missing some basic features that are really necessary for OMR and the dental field all together.  I’m pleased to find a new plugin has emerged for OsiriX that allows you to visualize and possibly plan dental implants.  It is called Dental 3D Plugin by AMDentalSoft. It is very rudimentary right now and still has a long a way to go before coming anywhere near what dental specific radiology software offers. Still, I am very happy to see the plugin and consider it a step in the right direction for the OMR field. If this plugin can bring on a few features I would happily purchase the MD version of Osirix and use that for my practice.

Features I wish OsiriX had and some workarounds:

  1. Being able to translate the curve as a whole superiorly and inferiorly.  In curved MPR mode, I will draw a curve in the axial view and reconstruct a panoramic image.  The cross sections are automatically centered at the curve line.  The problem is with OMRs we go through maxilla and mandible so that line has to be redrawn over and over again.
    • Workaround: None. Currently the only way to do this is to delete the curve and draw it again.  Imagine if you have to jump from maxilla to mandible to maxilla and so forth.  It is a very slow process.  I wish the cross sections would let me move them around and scroll without re-centering itself on the line every time you scroll.  Or at least let me shift the line as a whole instead of having to move every point.
  2. TMJ views: being able to draw a curve and look at cross sections and frontal views of both TMJs at the same time.
    • Workaround: Right now I draw one curve through both condyles.  I can see both in the frontal view, but the cross sections are only of one condyle.  Really a dual set of cross sections would be amazing.  One set on the left of the screen and a second set on the right of the screen (as it is now).
  3. Nerve racing: I would love to be able to trace the mandibular canal on OsiriX.
    • Workaround: None.  I just haven’t figured out a way to really do this.

If OsiriX could address these three things then I would be able to fully maximize the software for an OMR practice and use it exclusively.

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