Boards Round 2

It is that time again.  The boards are less than two months away and it is time for me to start getting nervous.  It is also time to slow down everything going on in my life and concentrate on that task ahead.  The boards are the last step in my career.  I am looking forward to being finished with this exam.

This year they will be held in Chicago in early November.  I will be hitting the books again very soon and getting some studying underway.  I am glad that the majority of the grade is based on description.  That’s something that I can generally handle OK.  I am nervous to take it anyway.  I’m also not a fan of the oral based exam.  Basically sitting in front of a firing squad and being grilled.  I get that they try to be as gentle as possible; but the idea of the oral exam is, and always will be, intimidating.

As always I will keep you posted on my adventures.


  1. Good luck with your studying!

    Since you took part 1 last year, do you happen to know how long the exam is, and what the schedule for the day is? Thanks for the info! Can’t seem to find it on the ABOMR website.

  2. Great question. I don’t remember the order but I believe it was split into two sessions. Morning and afternoon. One being radiation biology and the other physics. It was a pencil and paper exam, I’m not sure if they changed it for you this year or not. I know that for Part 2 we are taking it a different time this year than the AAOMR meeting (like they did last year).

  3. Another quick Q about part 1 if you dont mind: is it mostly multiple choice, or mostly free answer, or 50/50. Any info you can offer is greatly appreciated.

  4. Good question, to be honest I was so in the zone I really don’t remember. I think it was probably 50/50 but don’t hold me to that. There were some questions that didn’t make total sense but ABOMR is really good about figuring out which ones were oddly worded. I really wouldn’t stress myself over those. Concentrate on learning the material, the questions are straight forward.

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