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I’m finally past the boards and what a great feeling it is.  Now all that is left is to play the waiting game.  The only feeling I get is that I wish I would have reviewed my anatomy more.  It was obvious to me that I haven’t gone over that stuff.

The exam itself: I thought it was fair.  I heard a lot of people complaining about it last year, and how intimidating, problematic, unfair, etc… it is.  To be honest, that’s not the feeling I got at all.  The cases were fair, the time allotted was plenty and the examiners were professional.  If I fail… and I might; it will be on my own merits.

Since I can’t do anything about it, I’m now concentrating my time on work and what will be will be.


  1. Thanks for the update. I’ve been following your posts since before your residency. I thought that a few years ago the field was open for full time omfr work. It is disheartening to hear otherwise. Of your normal work week, what percent of time is spent in GP and what is in omfr? Same for your income, what percent comes from GP/omfr? Finally are you also considering academia options?


  2. It’s not that it’s horrible, it’s just not what you would expect to make as a specialist. Also I do believe that the potential is there and in fact I actually see things getting better rather than worse. Right now I’m working both full time, 16 hour days, and I would say that it’s 60/40 GP/OMR. Also 8hrs in radiology isn’t necessarily constant work, although I do have those night as well. The reports come in sparsely and so I make sure I’m always close enough to my computer so that when something does come in I can take care of it.

    I definitely am not considering academia. At least not until I can get out of my student loan debts. Truthfully working for a school isn’t bad, but right now I have the flexibility to double my work load and make enough money to get out of debt in three years. If I had no debt at all I would consider it part time for the benefits (medical insurance, retirement, etc…)

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