A Year Later

To update everyone on where I am. It’s been a year since getting my board certification and over two years since I started practicing (outside of residency). Easy to say, I love what I do. The lifestyle can’t be beaten. Really. In fact, there is nothing like being in total control of your own schedule. I still put in the hours that I need of course, but on my own terms. I’m more relaxed than I had ever been. Besides, I also never deal with traffic.

As expected, I can tell you that my case load has gone up considerably and I don’t see it going down any time soon. In fact in about two or three years, I see the oral and maxillofacial radiology field will get a large boom. Demand is growing and I bet that soon insurance companies will pick up diagnostic radiology (they will have to, dentists and patients are already starting to demand it). Besides, with CBCT becoming such a huge part of dentistry I can’t imagine insurance companies not wanting to cover their liabilities.

I think once that happens there will be a great shift in diagnostic radiology from analytical to basically ruling out major pathologies. This of course will be a natural progression as more and more graduates are getting comfortable with the technology. They can do their own analysis (implant measurements for example) but most will offload ruling out pathology to radiology. In my opinion this is also where it should be.