2020 Update

Per a request from Greg to update my status.

What’s the lifestyle like?

Still fantastic. I have been busier than the past two years. I think I have finally met my cap on how much work I can do in a day.

Are you busy enough to work full time?

I am much busier. In fact I have launched my own website (it’s linked somewhere on this blog). The site has been steadily growing.

How much money are you making?

Still none of your business 😉

Was it worth it? 

Absolutely. The best thing I have done.

What’s the next step?

Grow my family a bit more. From a professional life I am very happy. With the steady increase in my personal website I might take on an associate or two to help with the load.


  1. Thank you for the update. For better perspective, could you comment on how your colleagues in the field are doing? We have your perspective but we don’t know if your experiences are outliers. Do you come in about average, above, below, far above/below? Thanks

  2. From a financial perspective I have no idea. I assume I’m one of the busier radiologists out there but… I could be wrong.

    I will say that I don’t hear too many people complaining about finding work or choosing this career path. It seems to me that demand has gotten even higher. I am still waiting to see what the next economic downturn will do to the field.

  3. From those that I’ve spoken to, it seems that a radiologist has a target of 15 to 20 reports per day but that flow might not be available for 4 days per week.

    An economic downturn is concerning. I feel like this “new” expense that dentists are covering for a report that they probably aren’t reading may be one of the first to be eliminated when they start feeling financial pressure. What thoughts do you have on helping your referrals see the value in your work?

  4. I don’t know that I have a specific thought. My referrals already see the value of the work. Otherwise they wouldn’t be paying for it. Most offices charge the patient for the reports anyway (plus a small extra fee). So I would imagine that the work lost will be proportional to whatever decrease in patients is coming in.

    That is a battle that I will face whenever the next downturn is. That being said, any practice (radiology or not) would likely be affected similarly.

  5. Can we get a 2023 update please? Also wanted to ask if I should apply with one year of experience after graduation. Do you think it’s sufficient?

  6. It really depends on the residency you’re applying to. I would say best source of info is to talk with the residency and find out. I will try to get an update out soon.

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