Frustration with AAOMR

I’m a bit frustrated with AAOMR and their lack of organization.  To give you some background, I have applied to be a member, and paid my dues over six months ago.  Since then I have tried emailing several times, back and forth to see what the status of my application is.  Honestly I have never seen a more disorganized “organization” in my life.  Six months of wait time?  I was excited to be a part of this, and hopefully in some way be able to contribute but this situation is getting pathetic.  No wonder this specialty is unheard of.  There simply is no push behind it.  What is the point if you can’t even manage to get memberships to go through?  I am told that they are in the middle of recertification, but honestly I see that as an excuse.  Six months of wait time is ludicrous.

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