After  a long day of work today, I came home to just simply lay down in bed and relax and read some news.  One of the things I have always been interested in is finding out a way to be able to image teeth without using ionizing radiation.  Well, low and behold, I’m looking at Dr Bicuspid and find this article on researchers developing a different MRI technique to image hard and soft tissue simultaneously.  Not only that, but to get a very accurate image very quickly and very quietly.

I don’t know much about MRI I admit, but I am very excited by this.  With today’s powerful computers I would easily believe that researchers will one day be able to image an entire head quickly and without exposing patients to radiation.  Computers with advanced software will not only be able to display the images; but they will also be able to individualize different muscles, teeth, and allow other forms of manipulation.

In regards to the OMFR specialty, this can only mean more demand for us.  Not only that, but an exciting path, to be able to see inside a person and have a combined hard and soft tissue profile.  The diagnostic ability behind this very early technology could be a huge advance in many oral and maxillofacial fields.

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