Summer Semester and Some Challenges

As of today I am finally registered for classes and paid my tuition. Getting to this point was the most difficult task. I had many holds on my account. As a newly registered student I was baffled by this. Most of them were taken care of by the department, sign this paper here and that paper there and you are set. The health screening unit, on the other hand, wasn’t so smooth.

Every week they needed something new, instead of simply looking at my file and saying, you need all of these tests and forms to be filled out. This is to the point that I was almost going to miss the registration deadline. I finally had to call them directly, tell them to pull up my file and let me know all that I needed to supply. I turned in the paperwork they required, which include running to my doctor for more lab work to be completed. The very next day I was promptly registered for classes.  Deadline averted.

The next challenge was student loans. Since my dental school education has maxed out my student loans, I am not eligible for any more loans. Private or federal. What this means is that I will have to moonlight during my work there in order to be able to pay tuition and living costs. This is going to be very interesting. It would not be the first time that I held a job while going to school. The trick is figuring out the schedule ahead of time and making sure I work around it. I’ll be busy but nothing unheard of.


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