Up To Speed

After reading my last post over again, I had decided that it is probably best to bring you up to speed. Deciding that radiology is what I wanted to do, I finally had to go through and begin the process.  It has been several months since I have sent in my initial application. It didn’t seem too complicated, just like any other application. The radiology program that I’m interested is not part of the PASS/MATCH system that most programs are. So this is where I knew the hurdles would begin. The most frustrating thing about applying to any specialty is getting letters of recommendation. This wasn’t any different. At least as part of the PASS/MATCH system you can have it done electronically and there is no question whether the letters have been delivered or not. This was a bit more old school. Other than that, the application process was rather simple. Straight forward and the norm that you would expect from any specialty.

Next I had to interview. I interviewed with nine faculty members and six residents. It was a very full day, and a difficult eight hours of talking about myself. It felt odd but I suppose this is how residencies are in general. Everyone has a say in who joins. I didn’t think it was bad at all, just a long day. Everyone was professional and very courteous. So for the most part it was enjoyable. After that comes the hard part. Waiting.

So far it’s been about two months since I interviewed and I haven’t heard a word from anyone. I finally decided that I had to call and see if anything has happened. I was informed that no official decision has been made because the faculty will be getting together next week to decide. That being said, I felt a little bit better but I’m also a bit anxious to get an official letter, hopefully, an accepting official letter. I just need to hear some news.