What a Mess. What a Feeling.

Several days ago I received an email from the program coordinator stating that I haven’t sent in my official signed acceptance.  To add to the drama, the day the email was sent is the same day for the deadline to reply.  So here I am, checking my mail every day thinking that it should get there any time now.  I never received it.  In fact, it has been a week since this exchange and I still have not received the official letter.  Luckily, I had asked if they can just send the letter over email and the coordinator quickly obliged.  I received my letter, printed it, signed it, scanned it and sent it back promptly.  Within 5 minutes I got a “perfect, thanks!”.  This brings me to my next point.

What a feeling it is to be accepted.  I had received an unofficial email but to get the actual letter, was something else.  I suppose now the last stage of applying to any program starts.  I need to start preparing.  I’ll be moving to a different and new city.  I’ll have to sell my very expensive car and go for a very cheap car.  My successful practice will transition to another doctor.  It is truly a huge step down in current lifestyle to what I consider will be a huge step up in future lifestyle.  Still I could not be more excited, the feeling I have right now, of accomplishment is undeniably amazing.


  1. Thank you for your efforts documenting your OMFR experience. I have some interest in radiology. Aside from determining if it is a specialty that I want to do, there is definitely a financial factor. After reading a number of your posts, I decided to start from the beginning to read them all.

    In this post, I am interested in the your phrase, “what I consider will be a huge step up in future lifestyle”. Are you saying that you expect (or expected at the time) to be in a better financial position after residency than when you were in general practice?

  2. Hi Matt,

    I wasn’t thinking about financials to be honest, more the ability to work from home, control my own schedule. Also since there is no physical office, no extra bills, staff to deal with, to me it’s a better life style. Much less stressful. You download your studies from whichever group had sent them to you, you read them, write your report and submit it. Straight forward as it should be.

  3. Holy smokes…. I’m just getting through your first couple of entries and this is unreal.

    I too have been scouring the world of dentistry for what makes sense for me. I’m in a VERY successful, fast paced office where I put my heart and soul into dentistry but come up still feeling stressed out that I haven’t done enough for my patients. Their mouth is now my responsibility for the next… well, forever.

    I can’t explain how incredible it is to have found your blog, I’m excited to read more and will comment again when I make my way to the end.


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