What a Mess. What a Feeling.

Several days ago I received an email from the program coordinator stating that I haven’t sent in my official signed acceptance.  To add to the drama, the day the email was sent is the same day for the deadline to reply.  So here I am, checking my mail every day thinking that it should get there any time now.  I never received it.  In fact, it has been a week since this exchange and I still have not received the official letter.  Luckily, I had asked if they can just send the letter over email and the coordinator quickly obliged.  I received my letter, printed it, signed it, scanned it and sent it back promptly.  Within 5 minutes I got a “perfect, thanks!”.  This brings me to my next point.

What a feeling it is to be accepted.  I had received an unofficial email but to get the actual letter, was something else.  I suppose now the last stage of applying to any program starts.  I need to start preparing.  I’ll be moving to a different and new city.  I’ll have to sell my very expensive car and go for a very cheap car.  My successful practice will transition to another doctor.  It is truly a huge step down in current lifestyle to what I consider will be a huge step up in future lifestyle.  Still I could not be more excited, the feeling I have right now, of accomplishment is undeniably amazing.