J Morita Reduces Radiation

J Morita has released an update to their existing machines that reduces radiation by as much as 40%.  The company is making some incredible claims, supposedly a full cone beam CT scan is 25% less radiation than a full mouth series of x-rays.  If this is true, then I can only imagine where cone beam… Continue reading J Morita Reduces Radiation

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The Wait…

Not much new to update, still waiting and the longer I wait the more stress I seem to develop about my future. I was hoping to receive an email telling me whether I’m in or not. At least some sort of an answer, but as with any residency, long waits are normal and very very… Continue reading The Wait…

Up To Speed

After reading my last post over again, I had decided that it is probably best to bring you up to speed. Deciding that radiology is what I wanted to do, I finally had to go through and begin the process.  It has been several months since I have sent in my initial application. It didn’t… Continue reading Up To Speed